Beyond the class room

Beyond the class room

Class room teaching is not sufficient for the overall development of the child. Co-curricular activities are utmost needed to fulfil the aims and objective of life.

The participation in drama, play enables in developing balance personality. People get acquainted with culture, customs and activities of other places due to co curricular activities such as field trips, tours and execurtion. It includes the feeling of harmony, thus develop unity and togetherness in society. In community work students require to meet with many people and develop the capabilities of adjustment.

Since, in many co-curricular activities, children have to perform in groups and performing as a team develops the sense of belongings.

Important co-curricular activities for primary and secondary classes are recitation,simplstorywriting,play,parade,music,dancing,drawing,painting,fancy dress ,folk dance, reading & assembly etc. .

At our school we give the platform to develop the various activities as per the choice of the students in the various areas like Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Painting, and Clay Modelling etc