Holy mission school is an institution conceived

Holy mission school is an institution conceived to impart the best in education that develop the values and personality traits that breed achievers.

It is said that the early years of a child’s life are the most crucial and delicate. Apart from parents and teachers , personal attention and support from school is important for the holistic development of young children. School must encourage the children to make choices & decisions based upon the available materials , time and activities. School must concentrate on early childhood education with programs facilitating highest standards. We understand our duty to cater to the needs of students in totality.

We must teach our kids from the very beginning to apply their minds and knowledge and their day today experiences.

We have to encourage them to dare to experiment. And for that cultural and educational changes have to happen at grass root levels with persistence and consistency of efforts and intent.

Holymission school is an institute which looks beyond just imparting knowledge. It takes a holistic approach focusing on the overall development of the child by giving him an environment that nurtures and instills strong character, dignity, decency and respect for human life.

We at holymission inspire our students for meaningful learning beyond prescribed curriculum. We believe that our essential responsibility is to inspire great future not just to establish a great school. Our campus and pioneering academic & extracurricular initiatives all work timelessly to achieve one thing “to inspire a great future”.